Game System Description & Manual

Chain3 uses the basic match-3 system as its starting point. Unlike most other match-3 games, you can drag any piece anywhere. It doesn't have to cause a match, it doesn't have to swap to an adjacent place it doesn't even have to swap! You can move a piece to an empty area if you want.

Chain3 Board

This is the Chain3 board. The key points are labeled in red.

  1. This is the current level you're on. As you chain more your level increases.
  2. Current score. Each time you match 3 tiles you get points. A single match is worth 1 point; a 2 chain is worth 9 points, a 3 chain is worth 36 points, etc up to a 15 chain which is worth 2500 points. All chains above 15 are worth 2500 points.
  3. Current chain / Max chain
  4. The pieces.
  5. Death/Level Bar - each chain you get pushes this bar up. The higher the chain, the more it will raise. If it hits the top you gain a level. The bar is constantly falling slowly. If it hits the bottom the game is over.
  6. Match Bar - after creating a match this bar will quickly fall from the top of the screen. While it's falling the pieces in the match will flash. During this time you can move pieces around so that when the matching pieces disappear, it will cause a chain.

What the heck's a Chain anyway?

A chain is any match that is caused by the previous match. For example, if you look at this screenshot:

The circled area shows a match, one of horizontal bars is the Match Bar. When that Match Bar hits the bottom those purple flower tiles will disappear. To cause a chain the blue circle piece should be swapped with a turquoise 'S' piece. This will cause a match where circled:

The Slip

After the tiles in a match disappear there is a short delay before the pieces above fall. During this delay you can 'Slip' pieces into the spots vacated by the newly dead pieces. As you can see in this screenshot, this area is about to be free, (the tiles are currently flashing which is why you can't see them). Once the Match Bar hits the bottom, those pieces will disappear, and the tiles above will fall. Just before the tiles above fall, it's possible to slip the dragged 'X' tile into position, causing a chain.